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In 1923, following the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, the world was in a flurry of curiosity and every newspaper seems to have wanted to know what was happening in Luxor. However, on January 10, 1923, The Times announced their exclusive deal with Lord Carnarvon:

"We are able to announce that Lord Carnarvon, with the cordial concurrence of Mr. Howard Carter, has entered into an exclusive agreement with The Times for the distribution throughout the Press of the world of all news and photographs of his discoveries in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Both Lord Carnarvon, since his return to London, and Mr. Howard Carter, at Luxor, have found it an impossible task to supply the Press individually with news and illustrations of their discoveries. Accordingly they have agreed for the future to employ a single agency for this purpose.

(From "The Tomb of the King", Wednesday, January 10, 1923)

This deal meant that the Times was the major disseminator of information pertaining to the discovery and excavation of the tomb. While the men involved in the exacvation repeatedly reported in the Times that they had no objection to the arrangement, the Times' responses to "rumours" and "outbursts" included here shows that it was not always easily accepted, particualrly by the Egyptian government after Lord Carnarvon's death. 

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