Our Project

Our project focuses on how the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb may have influenced how and what was being advertised in British newspapers during the period of renewed interest in the culture of Ancient Egypt. The time period being studied is 1900-1939 in order to assess the influence of the tomb’s discovery. 

Our Objectives

  1. How did the archeological discoveries of Ancient Egyptian tombs and other notable historical events influence the society/culture in the United Kingdom during the early to mid-20th century?
  2. How did this reflect in newspaper advertisements published between 1900-1939?

Requirements & Scope

We will be following the following criteria: 

  • Group consensus on search parameters (in Advanced Search)
  • Group consensus on what constitutes Ancient Egypt-related content for ads 
  • Group consensus on DSL cleaning configuration
  • Standardized file naming convention 
  • User-friendly design

We will NOT be including:

  • Non-English articles
  • Newspapers published outside of the U.K.

Navigating the Exhibit

Clicking on the links listed on the right-hand side of this page will take you through the various different aspects of our project:

The "Home" page is a little introduction to the theme of Egyptomania, as well as some cool examples of it in real life!

The "About" page provides brief descriptions of our very own team members, the weekly worklogs we kept to record our progress and workflow, a look into the Project One Pager and Project Charter we referenced throughout, and a video presentation of our project.  

The "METHODOLOGY" page covers the basic guidelines we used during the data curation, text cleaning, and analysis processes. 

The "PRIMARY SOURCES" page is where you will find a partial compilation of the advertisements. This is organized by decade (from the 1900-1939 time frame) and each is comprised of 5-10 of the most representative pieces we collected. Metadata and cleaned transcriptions are available for easy access and viewing.  

And finally, DATA VISUALIZATIONS is a collection of all the analysis tools we used to make sense of all the raw data. There is a total of 5 different tools: TimelineJS, Word Cloud, and Mandala from Voyant, as well as Sentiment Analysis and Document Clustering, from the Gale Digital Scholar Lab.   

Happy exploring!